Azure Container Registry task - possible to run the task right away?

I’ve read through the documentation for azurerm_container_registry_task, but couldn’t get the understanding of how I could make a task I’m creating to run right away.

I would like to do both of these things:
A) Point to a Dockerfile, for example in a git repo, and run the build right away. Pointing to a Dockerfile in a git repo is possible with the docker_step block, but I can’t figure out how to run it right away. The only option I can figure out is to set up a trigger when I’m commiting a new version in the git repo.

B) Run a build right away, where I’m pointing to a Dockerfile in my Terraform project directory, together with my tf files.

Anyone have any idea if this is possible?


I opened a feature request as well on this, and it seems it was quickly taken care of. Great work by the maintainers <3