Blue green deployment

When waypoint deploys, it is some sort of a blue green deployment. It creates a new deployment and then change the tag in the service.
I was wondering if there is anything more to implement to have a perfect blue green deployment.?
And how do you automaticaly delete the old deployment on kubernetes to have a complete ci/cd?


Waypoint is not meant to be a CI/CD system, but can be integrated with one.

You can also use Waypoint to run the build, deploy, and release steps separately, which can be helpful for integrating with GitHub Actions and CI/CD tools like CircleCI and Jenkins. Learn more about automating your application workflow with Waypoint.

So after a successful release your pipeline should destroy the old one. Other opinions?

I had the intention to use it in a ci/cd. It seems more straight forward and easier to work with.
I don’t see why i would use it in a dev environment when working with a team since we push and trigger pipelines for anything.

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