Boundary 0.1.8 and MacOS Desktop Beta

Boundary 0.1.8 & Desktop Beta

Hi folks,

The Boundary team has released Boundary 0.1.8 and the Boundary Desktop beta.

You can download the latest binary and Boundary Desktop installer by following these links:

As a reminder, if you believe you have found a security issue in Boundary, please responsibly disclose by emailing and do not use the public issue tracker. Our security policy and our PGP key can be found here.

Prominent features in this release:

  • List Filtering. Boundary users can now more easily navigate their resources by filtering list actions based on resource information.
  • Worker Tag Improvements. With 0.1.8, Boundary adds the ability to re-parse worker tags without restarting services.
  • Improved Error Handling. We’ve shipped better error handling on the CLI when using the -format json flag.

See the Changelog for the full list of improvements and bug fixes.

As always, we recommend upgrading and testing this release in an isolated environment. If you experience any non-security issues, please report them on the Boundary GitHub issue tracker or post to the Boundary Discuss Forum.

Thank you,

The Boundary Team

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