Boundary 0.9.0 Released!

We’re pleased to announce the release of Boundary 0.9.0 and the release of Boundary Desktop 1.4.4! You can now download the Boundary 0.9.0 binary and the latest Docker image from our Dockerhub repository. For other questions please see our general Boundary downloads instructions.


HCP Boundary Public Beta: Boundary is coming to the HashiCorp Cloud Platform! HCP Boundary provides an easy way to securely access critical systems with fine-grained authorizations based on trusted identities. Boundary on HashiCorp Cloud Platform provides a fully managed, single workflow to securely connect to hosts and critical systems across Kubernetes clusters, cloud service catalogs, and on-premises infrastructure. You can now try HCP Boundary for free during our Public Beta.

Self-Managed Workers: With HCP Boundary, administrators have the option of setting up private, self-managed workers for infrastructure access. This provides the security of having privately managed workers while providing the low overhead of a managed service. Learn more about setting up self-managed workers here.

Worker Registration Enhancements: Administrators now have a second method of authenticating workers, and we call these PKI Workers (the original authentication method is now called KMS Workers). PKI Workers authenticate to Boundary using a new certificate-based method, allowing for worker deployment without using a shared KMS.

Static Credential Store: In Boundary 0.9.0, we are introducing the static credential store, a basic credential store that is native to Boundary. These credentials are encrypted and stored directly in Boundary. For users interested in integrated secrets management to Boundary targets, the new basic credential store removes the dependency on HashiCorp Vault. Currently, the static credential store only supports username/password type credentials. Note: If you wish to use the Desktop Client for credential brokering, version 1.4.4 and up is required.

Admin UI Quickstart: Users can now access a quickstart tool on the Admin UI which sets up a target along with a host, project, and organization.

For a full list of features, patches, and details see the Boundary Changelog.

Thanks for using Boundary!
The Boundary Team