Boundary 0.14 has been released!

Hi all,

The Boundary team is happy to announce the release of Boundary 0.14! Take a look at the release blog and get started on HCP Boundary here .

You can now download the Boundary 0.14 binary, and the latest Docker image from our Docker Hub repository.


Boundary Desktop embedded terminal: Users can now seamlessly establish and connect to TCP & SSH sessions directly in the desktop client.

LDAP Auth Method (GA): Boundary 0.14 includes a fully instrumented LDAP auth method, with support in both the desktop client and admin UI.

Remote pass-through commands for SSH: A new SSH flag, remote-command, was introduced to the boundary connect ssh helper, to allow users the ability to run specified commands on a remote-machine using pass-through arguments.

New worker health metric: A new metric was added to the health endpoint to check the connection state of the worker and whether it can connect to an upstream controller.

Improved telemetry: The Telemetry event type has been added to Boundary. This allows administrators to gain high-level insight into usage across their Boundary Cluster.

Dynamic credential support for storage buckets(HCP/ENT): As a follow-on to the General Availability of Session Recording in 0.13, administrators can now configure dynamic credentials for their AWS S3 Storage Buckets using AWS AssumeRole.

See the changelog for a full list of improvements and bug fixes

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Thank you!

The Boundary Team