Announcing Boundary 0.13, including session recording and Boundary Enterprise!

Hi all,

The Boundary team is happy to announce the release of 0.13! You can learn more here and get started on HCP Boundary here. This is a significant release with a number of new features and capabilities!

  • SSH Session Recording (HCP/Ent only): Session Recording has been users’ most requested feature, and we’re grateful for all the feedback folks provided to drive our implementation.
  • Boundary Enterprise: Boundary now has a self-managed Enterprise offering with feature parity of HCP Boundary and the same ux/api/workflow as Boundary OSS/HCP.
  • LDAP Auth Methods (Beta): Auth Method CRUDL (create, read, update, delete, list) operations are supported in the CLI/API/SDK/TF. Authentication with an existing LDAP auth method is available for CLI/API/SDK as well as Boundary Desktop and the Boundary admin console.
  • LDAP Managed Groups (Beta): LDAP managed group CRUDL (create, read, update, delete, list) operations are supported in the CLI/API/SDK/TF.
  • Customer-scheduled update windows for HCP Boundary: visit your HCP Boundary cluster portal for more information.
  • Default Client Listening Ports: a longstanding community ask you can read more about here.
  • External Resource Names for Dynamic Hosts: another longstanding community ask that introduces a new provider name field for dynamic hosts.

Thank you to the community for feedback and feature requests. The priority of these features came as a direct result of asks from our users. You can make new feature requests and report bugs here.

You can now download the Boundary 0.13.0 binary and the latest Docker image from our Dockerhub repository. For other questions please see our general Boundary downloads instructions.

Thank you!

The Boundary Team