Boundary 0.16 has been released!

Hi all,

The Boundary team is happy to announce the release of Boundary 0.16! You can read more about the release here on the 0.16 blog.

You can now download the Boundary 0.16 binary, and the latest Docker image from our Docker Hub repository. Boundary 0.16 enables simplified target connection with user-friendly aliases, flexible storage options for session recordings with MinIO, and improved search and filtering for administrators.


Aliases: With the introduction of aliases in 0.16, end-users can more seamlessly establish and connect to their Targets directly using an ergonomic identifier.

MinIO support for session recording storage: Administrators can use MinIO to store their session recordings.

Admin UI enhanced search and filtering: Search and filtering support was added to the Boundary Desktop, CLI, and API in 0.15. As of 0.16, Administrators can now search & filter through a variety of resources in the Admin UI.

HCP Boundary Manual updates: Administrators now have more control over their HCP Boundary version updates. Updates can be performed ‘on-demand’ within 30 days of release

Improved Audit logging: A number of improvements have been made to Boundary’s audit logging, including the ability to correlate events between Boundary & Vault, as well as the addition of a session recording id that’s associated with recorded sessions.

See the changelog for a full list of improvements and bug fixes

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[5] Changelog

Thank you!

The Boundary Team

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