Build is failing with an error when project is linked to git

Describe the bug
when git is linked to a project build is failing with error:

! There was an error while executing a Waypoint plugin for this operation!

  One or more required arguments for the plugin was not satisfied. This is usually
  due to a missing or incompatible set of plugins. For example, only certain build
  plugins are only compatible with certain registries, and so on. Please inspect
  the missing argument, the set of plugins you are using, and the documentation to
  determine if your plugin combination is valid.

  Plugin function:*Builder).BuildODR-fm

  ==> Missing arguments:

      - docker.AccessInfo

Steps to Reproduce

  • Fresh Ubuntu installation with docker
  • install waypoint package
  • install waypoint service waypoint install -platform=docker -accept-tos
  • add GIT repo via UI
  • run build
project = "test"

app "web" {
    build {
        use "pack" {
            builder     = "heroku/buildpacks:20"
            disable_entrypoint = false

    deploy {
        use "docker" {}

Expected behavior
Build does not fail. project build is passed if no git added

Waypoint Platform Versions
waypoint -v
CLI: v0.8.1 (622f37bd1)
Server: v0.8.1

Docker version 20.10.14, build a224086