Error building nodejs docker image on macos arm64

Clean install. Deploying to docker desktop on localhost.

Error is:

 │2021/03/02 13:41:52.929453 DEBUG:  Pulling image buildpacksio/lifecycle:0.10.1
 │ 0.10.1: Pulling from buildpacksio/lifecycle
! fetching lifecycle image: no matching manifest for linux/arm64/v8 in the
  manifest list entries

Hello! Can you share your waypoint.hcl?

Straight out of the repo:

project = "example-nodejs"

app "example-nodejs" {
  labels = {
    "service" = "example-nodejs",
    "env"     = "dev"

  build {
    use "pack" {}

  deploy {
    use "docker" {}

This looks like it’s related to the arm64 build; that error has cropped on on the docker side. Have you previously run the amd64 successfully on mac?

No. This is my first time trying this. All greenfield.


Can you try an example that uses Docker for the build rather than pack? This will tell us if this is pack-specific.
The python example uses a Dockerfile for the build.

Yes, using the python example worked.


I’m a contributor on the buildpacks project. The error appears related to this pack issue: `pack build` fails with untrusted builders on Apple Silicon · Issue #1197 · buildpacks/pack · GitHub. Pack is trying to pull a lifecycle image for the architecture it’s running on, instead of the architecture it’s building.

In the meantime, is there a way to tell pack to trust the provided builder? pack config trusted-builders or pack build <my-app> --trust-builder would circumvent this issue.

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