Can´t start mesh gateway with `consul connect envoy -mesh=gateway`

when i try to start mesh gateway in consul servers, it not works as expected.
I`m using:

sudo consul connect envoy -gateway=mesh -register -expose-servers \
                             -service "gateway-primary" \
                             -address :8443 \
                             -wan-address :8443 \
                             -admin-bind= \
                             -ca-file=/etc/consul.d/pki/ca.crt \
                             -client-cert=/etc/consul.d/pki/agent.crt \
                             -client-key=/etc/consul.d/pki/agent.key \

I get the warn:

gRPC config: initial fetch timed out for

and after that , it starts a loop of warn

[2022-05-27 11:11:22.519][93261][warning][config] [./source/common/config/grpc_stream.h:195] DeltaAggregatedResources gRPC config stream closed since 216s ago: 14, upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. reset reason: connection termination

When i checked ports used with netstart it not showing the port 8443, just the 19000

Anywho can help with that?
I can´t understand whats happening.

Consul v1.12.1
envoy v1.21.1 (af50070ee60866874b0a9383daf9364e884ded22/1.21.1/Distribution/RELEASE/BoringSSL)