Can we use Vault same as Lastpass

Can we use Vault same as Lastpass, Like Storing website credentials of aws. via webinterface.
I am unable to do it. need help

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Vault is fairly different to tools like Lastpass. While yes Vault can store any sort of secrets it is more designed as a server system for storing secrets for multiple systems/users, rather than being a desktop application for a single person.

If you are wanting a password manager, with built in integration with web browsers, TOTP, password generation/refresh, etc. you are better off using things like Lastpass, Bitwarden, etc.


Concerning the management of passwords is there the possibility of importing and exporting data as well or not? Thnak you in advance .

What are you meaning by importing and exporting? Vault is just a store of data (if we are talking about the Key/Value secret engine) with APIs to read, delete or create/modify values. If you are authenticated (via one of the many authentication options) and have permissions (set via policies) you can see & change the secrets as you wish.

It is up to you to use and maintain the contents of Vault as you wish, using the APIs (for example tools & apps which already have Vault integration or by making your own) or the web UI.

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thank you for your answer .
I am using vault as a password manager for a team i was wondring if i can use data “old passwords” automatically and inseret it as secrets instead of insert it manually and the other way around