Cdktf and custom source modules

Please forgive me as i have just started to peel back cdktf and its details. I am currently working with cdktf using python as the extended language. In my initial time I have figured out a great deal. However one aspect eludes me, module sources, see below:

module "mysql" {
    source = "git::ssh://git@gitlab.<private_repo>/<username>/project//modules/common/azure/database/mysql"


Right now i see ways of providing terraform providers and terraform modules, I however have not been able to provide any custom modules. Is this a feature thats available?

Code generation for custom modules is not currently supported (Extend Support of Module Sources beyond Terraform Registry · Issue #16 · hashicorp/terraform-cdk · GitHub).

The TerraformHclModule provides the easiest way to interact with them currently. It can also be extended manually to provide typed access to outputs and variables.

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This should work, i still have some more testing but thank you.