Terraform cdktf module

I’m trying to build a granular project that contains reusable modules and implementations, eg:

 module "linux_baseline_node" {
  source             = "./../../../../modules/baseline-node/"
  product            = var.product
  environment        = var.environment
  machine_image      = data.terraform_remote_state.shared.outputs.amazon_linux
  machine_type       = var.machine_type
  cluster_identifier = var.cluster_identifier
  platform           = "linux"

Each module should be a seperate cdktf project that could be included.Is there any example or a guide on how to realise this?

Hi @bahrikhalil :wave:

Maybe this can give you some pointers for how to get started? GitHub - cdktf/projen-cdktf-hybrid-construct: Projen template for CDKTF Constructs that should also be used as Terraform Modules.