Terraform cdk modules

I am trying to build reusable modules using terrafrom cdktf and each of them is a separate project (which means that each module needs terrafrom cdktf init to create it) .
So in order to achieve this i tried to build the module using npm run compile and then i included it in my package.json in my implementation .

But the wired thing is when i use DataSources or TerraformAssets in my modules i get unexpected error which :

    Error: No stack could be identified for the construct at path 'powershell_script'

This is my module :

export class LinuxBaseLineNodeModule extends Construct {
  public props: BaseLineNodeProps;
  constructor(scope: Construct, id: string, props: BaseLineNodeProps) {
    super(scope, id);
    this.props = props;
    let generic_tags = {
      environment: props.environment,
      product: props.product,

    new AwsProvider(scope, "aws");    
    const ami = new DataAwsAmi(this, 'ami', {
      mostRecent: true,
      owners: ['amazon'],
      filter: [
          name: 'name',
          values: [`amzn2-ami-hvm-*-x86_64-gp2`],
    const powershell = new TerraformAsset(scope, "powershell_script", {
      path: "./scripts/user-data.ps1",
      type: AssetType.FILE,

    // Resources
    new Instance(scope, "instance", {
      ebsOptimized: true,
      ami: ami.arn,
      instanceType: "t2.micro",
      userData: Token.asString(
      tags: generic_tags,