[CDKTF] How to call a TerraformHclModule inside another TerraformHclModule

I am new to CDKTF, currently we build everything using terraform. But look into use a new method: CDKTF to build on top layer. (logic layer, data layer…)

I have this data module, it will be called by network module:

metadata = TerraformHclModule(self, "metadata",   
        "customer_abbrev": client_abbrev
network  = TerraformHclModule(self, "network",                              
         "client_abbrev": "abc"
         "client_id": "abc",
         "environment": "prod",
         "metadata": metadata, # Here gives me error,  from the metadata module.

### in terraform (https://org@dev.azure.com/org/project/_git/TFModule//customer_vnet)I have this metadata as a variable:
variable "dmz_metadata" {}

I got error of…

[ERROR] default -   File "/Users/**/.local/share/virtualenvs/prod_cdktf-ASCbhU_m/lib/python3.11/site-packages/jsii/_kernel/providers/process.py", line 342, in send
    raise RuntimeError(resp.error) from JavaScriptError(resp.stack)
RuntimeError: Error: Trying to 'resolve()' a Construct at '/module/network/metadata/node'. 

This often means an unintended cyclic dependency in your construct tree, leading to the resolution stuck in an infinite loop that fails....

So I am wondering where did I do wrong?
I have to use the module to call the existing Terraform code, can’t re-created all resources by using CDKTF, so only this top layer, we will write the CDKTF.

So this seems a circular dependency issue.
I think the reply can help, but i haven’t figureed out how to do this yet.

any idea here for this one?