Changing tags in resource_group forces replacement of lot of resources

Terraform (and AzureRM Provider) Version

Terraform v0.14.7
hashicorp/azurerm v2.50.0

Affected Resource(s)

  • azurerm_resource_group
  • azurerm_linux_virtual_machine
  • data.azurerm_image

Expected Behaviour

Plan just change Tags of resource_group

Actual Behaviour

TF Plan want forces replacement of a lot of resource like azurerm_linux_virtual_machine, data.azurerm_image and the tags of resource_group.

If i change the tags before manualy in Azure Console, no changes are need with TF Plan

how can i find why change tags schedule data.azurerm_imageā€¦ changes ?

Terraform v0.14.7
hashicorp/azurerm v2.62.0


Terraform v1.0.3
hashicorp/azurerm v2.69.0

I have the same issue when tags are modified.

Resource Affected:

Hope this will be addressed.