Clicking on jobs in Nomad 0.12.0 main UI page doesn't do anything


Yesterday I upgraded our small Nomad 0.11.3 cluster to 0.12.0. Since then I’ve noticed that if I go to the web UI using http://<nomad_server01>:4646/ui/jobs and then click arbitrarily on one of the listed jobs, the green “spinner” (don’t know what else to call it) appears and shows some “progress”, but no new page for the actual requested job ever appears afterwards.

In Inspect mode on both Chrome and Firefox I notice that no HTTP request nor traffic is actually sent out when clicking on the job. Wireshark shows the same absence of traffic.

However, if I right-click on the job name and choose Open link in new tab or Open link in new window the new tab/window does loads properly and shows info about the running job.

I’m thinking I may have hit upon a bug but before I open a GitHub I’d like to confirm I’m not the only one affected by this.

I was wondering if anyone else has seen or can confirm this behavior on their side as well with the 0.12.0 UI?


Upgrading to 0.12.1 seems to have fixed this issue.

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Thanks for reporting back! 0.12.1 included a lot of UI bug fixes. It sounds possible related to