Compact-warnings when run is triggered from API rather than CLI


I’m seeing a lot of repeated warnings for my plans in Terraform Cloud. The UI says “To reduce the verbosity of these warnings, use the -compact-warnings option.”

I know that you can set this -compact-warnings option from the CLI but I can’t figure out how to set it through the API. Any guidance?

Hi @mark.harrison.mcdona,

“Compact warnings” is something done by the Terraform CLI UI layer, and that component isn’t involved when you are viewing the results in Terraform Cloud’s web UI; the web UI replaces the CLI UI in that case, and so that option cannot be effective.

If you would like to see fewer warnings in Terraform Cloud then that would need to be an option offered by Terraform Cloud itself, but I don’t think it currently has such an option. If your account level is sufficient for you to be able to contact HashiCorp Support then I would suggest opening a support ticket, and then they can either tell you that I’m wrong about it not being available already (:crossed_fingers:) or pass this on as a feature request to the Terraform Cloud web team.

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