Configure nomad to push events to third party

I have read the nomad event stream documentation which requires gathering data via the api however can Nomad push those events to a third party application? If so, how?

Hi @ckcompton, currently the event stream requires a consumer to establish a subscription, Nomad itself cannot not push events to a third party.

Our goal is to eventually support this through a Nomad Job that would subscribe to events and send them to configured sinks or applications. In the mean time, you may consider GitHub - seatgeek/nomad-firehose: Firehose all nomad job, allocation, nodes and evaluations changes to rabbitmq, kinesis or stdout although it does not use the event stream.

Hi @drewbailey , thanks for a the fast reply and I will look into nomad-firehose, do you know if this would be able to monitor events like the creation and deletion of nodes?