Subscribing to event stream

Hello everyone,

Does the event stream show events related to Node and Container creation/deletion?

I have created a local nomad instance running ( nomad agent -dev ). I have also ran a few jobs using this definition demo-nomad-101/http-echo.nomad at master · hashicorp/demo-nomad-101 · GitHub

The management token I am using has all permissions to subscribe to /v1/event/stream however I am not seeing any events generated. I have tried using filters to grab all jobs, no luck. The reason is I am trying to verify that the event stream will show events of Nodes created/deleted. Anyone know of a reason for why I am not seeing events?

Thanks in advance

Hi @ckcompton,

Nomad node registration and deregistration events are available within the Nomad events stream. Are you able to share the details on how you are calling the events stream so that I can better test this with you?

When running a local Nomad instance in the same way you describe, I am able to use the events stream to receive node events using curl -s -v -N\?topic\=Node.

jrasell and the Nomad team