Nomad event sink

I am trying to use nomad event sink with Nomad v0.12.9 but didn’t manage to get it working. This is what I get:

if you managed to get working, please let me know how?

reference :

Hey @dExecutioner,

The event stream was introduced in Nomad 1.0-beta1. The endpoints you are trying to use were introduced in Nomad1.0-beta2, but are being removed for the Nomad 1.0 release while we re-think how to best support thinks like webhook sinks.

The primary API for the nomad event stream is /v1/event/stream. If you have any questions about using the event stream endpoint let me know!

Hi @drewbailey,

Many thanks for your response. Which version should I use to get this functionality for both prod and poc?

The event stream API is currently in beta and only available in Nomad 1.0-beta series of releases. For a proof of concept you can try using the event stream using the latest beta here. Since this is a Beta release, it is not intended to be used in a production environment.

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