All documents related to nomad event sink removed

I was planning to use nomad event sink but not sure why all the documents on sink has been removed. I am scared now if I should go ahead with sink or what. (page removed) (sink section removed)


Hi @dExecutioner,

Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. The managed event sink functionality (webhook) was a beta feature that we tested in nomad 1.0.0-beta2 and 1.0.0-beta3.

Ultimately we decided to remove the webhook sink functionality from Nomad 1.0 in this PR (

You can still use the nomad event stream API, documented here. This API is not going away and will be included in Nomad 1.0.0.

You can visit the learn guide to see how the API can be used.

Hi @drewbailey,

Thanks for your response.

This is badnews :frowning_face: It was working quite well for me, perhaps I need to create a custom implementation.