Consul Connect OSS support for k8s namespaces

Hi, we’re evaluating service mesh products for use in our Kubernetes clusters, and Consul is one of the alternatives.

In our setup, we rely heavily on k8s namespaces: each set of related microservices is run in its own namespace. For example, there might be a namespace “search”, containing Kubernetes Services called “api”, “indexer”, and “admin-web” (and associated Deployments/StatefulSets). Namespaces for simpler services often just contain a single Service, usually named “api”.

Reading Consul Custom Resource Definitions | Consul by HashiCorp, it seems like the OSS version of Consul Connect would not be able to distinguish between these services, and requires Kubernetes Service names to be unique across the whole cluster (or even all clusters in a multicluster deployment?).

Is that correct, or did I miss something? Also, this is my first post here, so if I’m asking in the wrong place, please feel free to redirect me :).


Hi @ccmtaylor your understanding is correct: service names that are part of the service mesh must be unique within a Kubernetes cluster and across multiple datacenters if they’re not the same service.

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