Consul connect support with out -dev-connect

Hello all,

I am testing this tutorial: Consul Connect | Nomad by HashiCorp

They set to run nomad with -dev-connect. But i don’t want to start it with -dev (too much logs)

Can i just execute with connect?

nomad version: Nomad v1.0.2 (4c1d4fc6a5823ebc8c3e748daec7b4fda3f11037)
consul version: Consul v1.9.2

The -dev flag normally sets up Nomad to bind to the loopback interface, which isn’t compatible with Connect. So the -dev-connect is just a helper to make sure that the “dev mode” is configured in a way that will work with Connect: it verifies that you’re running on Linux and as root, and it binds to a non-loopback interface.

If you’re running the Nomad agent in a normal production deployment, there’s nothing special to do for Connect support.

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