Consul ESM : 0.7 Service Check OK but error updating node

Hi all,

I register one service with one check. Check is done by ESM nodes.

The checks of service is OK ( see in tcpdump ).

But when the status change, ESM send an XTN transaction to update information.
But CONSUL send an error error=“Failed request: Failed to parse body: json: unknown field "ExposedPort"”.
And no status update is done :frowning:

====== config of service bellow =====
“Datacenter”: “registry-01”,
“Node”: “w2-prod-weya1127-weyb0780-esm”,
“Address”: “”,
“NodeMeta”: {
“external-node”: “true”,
“external-probe”: “true”
“Service”: {
“ID”: “weyb0780_weya1127_squid-exporter_service-esm”,
“Service”: “w2-prod-exporters-infrastructure-esm”,
“Address”: “”,
“Port”: 9131
“Checks”: [{
“Node”: “w2-prod-weya1127-weyb0780-esm”,
“CheckID”: “service:w2-prod-exporters-infrastructure-esm-id”,
“Name”: “weyb0780_weya1127_squid-exporter_service”,
“Notes”: “”,
“ServiceID”: “weyb0780_weya1127_squid-exporter_service-esm”,
“Definition”: {
“HTTP”: “”,
“Interval”: “10s”,
“Timeout”: “5s”