Consul official image compliancy to OCI


I have been using the Consul’s official docker image built (an Alpine image) in our set-up. Now, there is a requirement that only OCI compliant images are allowed on the production set-up.

My question is thus if the official Consul image is OCI compliant or not?
I’m assuming that Consul’s docker image is indeed compliant to OCI just because the OCI image specification is itself based on Dockers V2 image specification. Anyways, can you please confirm?

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For OCI, do you mean Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?


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Then I won’t be as helpful with Open Containers.

Right. OCI is Open Container Initiative - a standard body to define the containers image and run-time so that it is not tied to any vendor platform.

I don’t know how to verify if the official Consul’s docker image is compliant to OCI or not. The only option is to install in the production and if successful then the image is OCI compliant. Just wanted to know if there are any other means to check.

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Can anyone hint me where I could get the answer at-least?

Hi @harishmurkal

Thanks for bringing this up, and sorry for the delayed reply.

Currently, Consul does not explicitly enforce adhering to the OCI spec, but is using Docker V2. As Docker was one of the seeding members of the OCI initiative, docker container images should be OCI compliant, at least for now.

Based on the OCI FAQ, it seems like containerd is the standard that folks are migrating to, which focuses on OCI compliance as a base. By running an docker manifest inspect, I do see that there are multiple platforms supported, and that the "schemaVersion": 2 is present.

$ docker manifest inspect consul
   "schemaVersion": 2,
   "mediaType": "application/vnd.docker.distribution.manifest.list.v2+json",
   "manifests": [
         "mediaType": "application/vnd.docker.distribution.manifest.v2+json",
         "size": 1570,
         "digest": "sha256:7b29cb3aed7a314c3a9babbfc343448ac0795609443dc4e399ef9fd17b19c8b2",
         "platform": {
            "architecture": "amd64",
            "os": "linux"

I’ve added your question to the FAQ, in PR#7816.

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Thanks Jono. It helps.

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