Consul Template v0.24.0

Hello everyone,

We’ve just released Consul Template v0.24.0. This is primarily a bug-fix release but I decided to give it a larger version bump due to the Alpine Docker image’s possible breaking changes. See below for more. Please file a ticket if this causes issues for you as we could create an additional docker image, but I felt the breaking case was small enough that it probably wouldn’t be a problem.


  • Alpine Docker image no longer runs as root and so doesn’t change ownership of the /consul-template/data and /consul-template/config directories to the consul-template user. See the Docker Image Use topic in the documentation for more.


  • arm builds are linked against wrong library [GH-1317, GH-1326]
  • consul-template container runs as root - breaks CISO compliance [GH-1321, GH-1324]
  • ‘sockaddr’ function returning whitespace after address [GH-1314, GH-1315]
  • runTemplate - DEBUG logging is needed to identify missing dependencies [GH-1308, GH-1309]
  • Remove code/logic for working with (long deprecated) Vault grace [GH-1284]

As always, please test in an isolated environment before upgrading.