Consul Template v0.25.0

Hello everyone,

We’ve just released Consul Template v0.25.0. This is a rather large release with many issues fixed and community PRs merged.


  • Add minimum and maximum math functions [GH-1323]
  • Allow overriding the default delimiter [GH-1290]
  • Add weights field for HealthService [GH-1288]
  • Beta support for Consul Namespaces (Consul Enterprise feature) [GH-1320, GH-1303]
  • Added sha256Hex function [GH-1327]
  • Make timeout for blocking query configurable [GH-1329]
  • Docker: alpine without docker-base [GH-1333]
  • Add parseYAML helper [GH-1344]
  • Add lease calculation for rotating secrets [GH-1358]
  • Allow to set application name in syslog [GH-1367]



  • How to run multiple things in template commands [GH-1375]
  • Template command_timeout clarifications [GH-1370, GH-1369]
  • ByMeta does not accept services as input [GH-1348]

As always, please test in an isolated environment before upgrading. And thanks to the community for all their contributions.


The Consul API Tooling Team

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