Consul-template release v0.31.0

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to announce a new release of Consul-Template, v0.31.0. This release contains new config options for Vault’s user agent and a new function: ExternalFuncMap that enables users to pass in templating functions. See below or the changelog for more information.

You can find the new release as precompiled binaries, our Docker images as well as now building Linux packages for Redhat or Debian based package managers.

As always, please test in an isolated environment before upgrading. If you experience issues with Consul-Template, you can report them on the GitHub issue tracker or post to the Discuss Forum for any general questions.


The Consul ZTS Team


  • Added ExtFuncMap to allow external functions to be passed to the template. This gives users the ability to add functions to the library and selectively opaque existing ones. GH-1708

  • Vault: add new configuration option vault-client-user-agent, when set consul-template will use the set User-Agent when making requests to vault. This change is being made as part of a broader effort for Vault Agent to send its version as part of a User-Agent string in requests to Vault. Agent will then consume the latest version of consul-template, then use this new config to set the correct User-Agent. GH-1725

  • Upgrade from 0.4.0 to 0.7.0. GH-1711

  • Upgrade Sprig from v2 to v3. GH-1699

  • Upgrade from 1.8.1 to 1.8.2 1726

  • Add copyright headers to file for compliance. GH-1721

  • Improve use of inclusive language GH-1731