Consul Template v0.26.0

Hello everyone,

We’ve just released Consul Template v0.26.0. This release fixes several outstanding issues and merges many of the community feature pull requests, notably including several new template functions. In addition to the application updates we have also changed to a new build pipeline which should result in better overall release quality once we’ve worked out the kinks.


  • Docker: We have moved to a new Docker image build pipeline that is creating a simplified image containing only the executable, meant primarily to be used as a base image. If you would like the previous, more complex image back please file an issue. Thanks.


  • Arm CPUs no longer need special builds [GH-1471, GH-1404]
  • add ‘md5sum’ template function [GH-1464]
  • add ‘envOrDefault’ template function [GH-1461, GH-829]
  • configurable Vault default lease duration [GH-1446, GH-1445]
  • unescaped JSON template filter functions [GH-1432, GH-1430]
  • go spew debugging template functions [GH-1406]
  • add service tagged addresses to health service data [GH-1400, GH-1398]
  • allow running via Windows Service Control [GH-1382]


As always, please test in an isolated environment before upgrading.


The Consul API Tooling Team