Consul Template v0.27.0


We’ve just released Consul Template v0.27.0. This is primarily a bugfix release but the bug it is fixing is replacing how it runs all commands, which is a pretty big deal so it gets a main version bump. I threw in a couple smaller things as well since I was already at it.


  • All command execution calls are now made (on *nix systems) using a shell command call (’/bin/sh -c …’) with process group set to ensure all signals are propagated to the called commands. This was done to eliminate the need for parsing the shell command as it was a continual source of bugs. Windows systems currently only support single command calls because of no (known) ‘sh -c’ equivalent on Windows. [GH-1496, GH-1494]


  • New Docker Image. Similar to old Alpine image but modernized and simplified [GH-1481, GH-1484]
  • New, more obvious, log level environment variable [GH-1383]
  • New ‘writeToFile’ template function [GH-1495, GH-1077]
  • New mergeMap and mergeMapWithOverride template functions [GH-1500, GH-1499].


  • Ignore SIGURG signals by default [GH-1486, GH-1487]
  • Fix issue with command argument parsing when using sub-shell calls [GH-1482]

As always, please test in an isolated environment before upgrading.


The Consul API Tooling Team