Consul Template v0.27.1


We’ve just released Consul Template v0.27.1. This is a small bug fix and security release. Main issue is fixing the lack of a way to run commands on *nix systems with no shell (like you might find in a docker image).


  • Updated command execution on *nix systems to call the command directly, without the sh -c wrapping shell command, only in cases where the command is a single word (no spaces). This allows docker to run in environments (like a minimal docker image) where there is no shell ( sh ). Multi-word commands will continue to use the wrapping shell call. [GH-1509, GH-1508]


  • Updated golang.or/x/crypto dependency for CVE-2020-29652. [GH-1507]

As always, please test in an isolated environment before upgrading.


The Consul API Tooling Team

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