Consul UX Study - New Catalog and Traffic Permissions APIs

Hi Consul community!

Consul is undergoing a remodel of its Catalog and Traffic Permissions APIs. Our new Catalog APIs are more resource centric, and also include changes to the underlying catalog model and improvements to support services and workloads with multiple ports. We recently released Consul v1.17 which provides users the option of enabling this beta functionality for any of you to try it out (more info here).

With all of these exciting changes we want to ensure we are providing the best experience, and are looking for anyone interested in testing out some of the new features and functionality to provide candid feedback and help us make improvements along the way.

The Consul team will be conducting virtual research sessions where you’ll meet with a few team members from our product, engineering, and design teams. During the session we will ask you to walk us through how you interact with our new Consul Catalog API and our Traffic Permissions API (formerly known as Intentions) as we observe and ask you task oriented questions. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please click the link below to sign up (the only prerequisites we ask is that you have prior experience using Consul)!

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Thank you,
Team Consul

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