Deploying Amazon Workspaces for multiple users

Hi Guys,
I have my code working so far but only deploys one workspace for one user; but I need to use it to deploy Amazon Workspaces for multiple users (I have a list of 16, including e-mail addresses). Can someone help me achieve this? I have some of my code below.

`data "aws_workspaces_bundle" "this_terraform_test" {
  bundle_id = "wsb-blahblah" # Value with Windows 10 (English)

  # Administrator is always present in a new directory.
  user_name = "joe.user"
  password = "Changemesoon1!"
  root_volume_encryption_enabled = true
  user_volume_encryption_enabled = true
  volume_encryption_key          = aws_kms_key.example.arn

  workspace_properties {
    compute_type_name                         = "PERFORMANCE"
    user_volume_size_gib                      = 10
    root_volume_size_gib                      = 80
    running_mode                              = "AUTO_STOP"
    running_mode_auto_stop_timeout_in_minutes = 60`