Desktop Client Now Available + 0.1.7 Is Released

Hi everyone!

We released our desktop client and 0.1.7. Our docs are going through some updates to include the desktop client along with our other examples with the CLI and Terraform, but we do have a dedicate page up on how to get started.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


Would it be possible to get Linux version of desktop client? Currently only dmg is available any plans for delivering linux/windows desktop versions?


I cancelled session, but session process is still running and listening port.

I second getting a Linux desktop client


Since boundary-ui made its appearance, I am asking myself if it could be built using WebAssembly (WA) in order for Web browsers as additional target platform, e.g. to load the client (WA code) as well as its configuration from a Boundary Worker for example, and then to run it native in the browser?
A bit similar to a Progressive Web App (PWA) that uses aggressive caching, that can be started from the desktop by clicking an icon like an installed (fat) app? That would also solve the distribution and update problem to clients, which will always be fresh/evergreen.