Questions about packaging for nixpkgs

I’m in the process of packaging boundary for nixpkgs and I had a couple questions.
Is the desktop version still in progress? I downloaded the release zip (linux amd64) and it just had the CLI
Also are you going to be packaging boundary cli + boundary desktop under just boundary?
Once the desktop release is out what are your thoughts on there being a boundary-cli and boundary-desktop and then boundary installs both?
Will the desktop edition be standalone or rely on the cli being in the path?

Great questions!

The desktop client is happening and is in active development.

We’re still hashing out details about how the packaging for the desktop client will work. Stay tuned for more very soon on this.

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Ok awesome I’ll keep an eye out. :slight_smile:

@06kellyjac just in case you missed it, the desktop client is now in alpha

Thanks for bringing this to my attention :slightly_smiling_face: