Do we have an equivalent of ingress-nginx controller?

or Is ingress-gateway equivalent of apiVersion: Ingress?

and we have none equivalent to a controller?

The challenge is if we need to frontend an application with Consul Ingress-gateway we need to spin a service for each such use case i.e. an external LB.

In kuberentes world an ingress gateway helps us to use only one global Load Balancer for all Ingresses.

You could use an external load balancer like HAProxy or Traefik which connects to the Consul catalog to discover services.

Thank you @fhemberger . Exploring it.

Btw does HashiCorp has got plans to develop an ingress controller too?

The reason is while we can leverage external tools to get it done and while we have got probably a quarter before we deploy Consul Service Mesh for our teams, we could potentially use this window to test a HashiCorp product too if already open for testing.