Driver name for creating custom database plugin with db2

Trying to develop a custom database plugin for db2 database. I am using the postgresql code base and making changes on it.

importing in the db.go file

sqltypename is go_ibm_db.

Help me know with the driver name and the db configuration for the plugin using db2.

Guide me with the steps to be carried out.

The exact same issue posted here, also by andrewKev12: custom database plugin with db2 · Issue #9906 · hashicorp/vault

you write in that issue:

when trying to configure the plugin using
vault write database/config/db2-database plugin_name=db2-database-plugin connection_url=“jdbc:db2://:@localhost:5342/” username="" password="" allowed_roles=“my-role”

Obtained error as "Error creating database object:rpc error : code = unknown desc = error verifying connection : SQLDriverConnect {08001}[IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1024N Database connection does not exist. SQLSTATE = 08003

Ok, exactly where is your database running, and exactly what code are you using to try to access it? I’m not going to be able to answer your question, but if you really do want an answer, I suggest you read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way