Dynamic AWS host catalog : applying filter to hostsets is not working from boundary console

We are able to create AWS dynamic host catalog and while trying to create hostset in it, irrespective of tag filters, it is allowing all hosts of the region into it.
Tag format used :

Also we are able set filters while creating the host set plugin using commands, but the created hostset details are not appeared in boundary console.

Command used to create aws host catalog plugin:

./boundary host-catalogs create plugin -scope-id p_1234567890 -plugin-name aws -attr disable_credential_rotation=true -attr region=ap-south-1 -secret access_key_id=env://BOUNDARY_ACCESS_KEY_ID -secret secret_access_key=env://BOUNDARY_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY -addr=http://17X.XX.XX.XX:9200

Boundary create aws host set plugin:
./boundary host-sets create plugin -name cloudec2 -host-catalog-id $HOST_CATALOG_ID -attr filters=tag:boundary_connect=true -addr=http://17X.XX.XX.XX:9200

Is it only the admin console that you cannot see the host set details in?

What happens when you perform a read on the host set? boundary host-sets read -id $CLOUDEC2_HOST_SET_ID

Yes, We are not able see it in admin console.
But through commands we are able get results.