ECS Sidecar Problem

I’m playing around with Waypoint with ECS and things are deploying well. I’m now trying to add a sidecar and I’m getting a rather opaque error.

» waypoint deploy -var aws-region=$AWS_DEFAULT_REGION

» Deploying...
✓ Found existing ECS cluster: dtest-waypoint
✓ Found existing IAM role to use: ecr-mobileweb
! error reading from server: EOF

This is the sidecar I defined:

sidecar {
  name = "db01"
  image = "postgres:13"
  memory  = 512
  container_port = "5432"
  host_port = "5432"
  static_environment = {
    POSTGRES_PASSWORD = "password"

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is there a way to turn on debugging for the waypoint command?

Hi dwanek,

This is a bug! I’ve created an issue (Sepecifying ECS sidecar containers without health checks causes a panic · Issue #2090 · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub), and we will address it.

In the meantime, the bug is related to specifying a sidecar without healthchecks. Adding a health check to your sidecar config should bypass it.

Thanks again,


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Thanks so much @izaaklauer and thanks for adding the issue on Github.

I was able to add a health_check and things are working now.

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