Envoy logs from Nomad sidecars

I have a (docker) job in Nomad that is configured with a “sidecar_service {}”. My problem is that its logs are not available through Nomad. stdout and stderr are both simply empty. If I track down the docker container running Envoy, I can watch the logs with “docker logs”, but nothing in Nomad.

If I read the job definition back from Nomad, I can see the “connect-proxy-<my task>” has this LogConfig config:

          "LogConfig": {
            "MaxFiles": 10,
            "MaxFileSizeMB": 10,
            "Enabled": false

…so I suppose it’s not surprising, but what gives? Have I misconfigured something or is this a bug somewhere?

Hi @sorenisanerd,

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The issue you are seeing is the same as this bug, making me think that you must have upgraded from an older version to Nomad 1.5.4. Could you try to upgrade to Nomad 1.5.5 or later and see if that fixes the issue?

ref: https://github.com/hashicorp/nomad/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md#155-may-05-2023
bug: nomad v1.5.4: Missing allocation log files on upgrade · Issue #17076 · hashicorp/nomad · GitHub