Consul Connect Envoy without Docker

I have spend the last couple weeks learning Consul Connect and trying to use it with Nomad. However, nearly all examples I’ve seen involve using the Docker driver. Are there any good examples or walkthroughs of setting up Consul Connect with Envoy in Nomad with the raw_exec or exec drivers?

I have gotten Consul Connect with the built-in proxy to work by explicitly defining the proxies as separate tasks within Nomad jobs. I have also gotten Consul Connect with Envoy and adjusted this walkthrough to work without Docker, but can’t seem to figure out how to wrap it in Nomad:

And of course there is this guide, But I can’t quite figure out how to extrapolate this walkthrough to a non-docker solution:

Thanks in advance!


I have not tested this, but it looks like you should be able to use the sidecar_task stanza to define that the sidecar should use the exec or raw_exec task driver.

The Envoy binary will need to be preinstalled on the server, or downloaded using artifact. provides Envoy binaries for a number of operating system distributions, and is probably the easiest way to obtain a binary outside of exporting it from the Docker image.

Hope this helps.

@jcouvret I’ve got a couple of examples using Connect with exec and java drivers:

If you’re asking about having a non-Docker Envoy sidecar, then @blake has the right approach that you’ll want to use the sidecar_task. I’ll admit that’s not an approach we’ve heavily tested to date but I’d love to see if you manage to get it working.

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