Nomad sidecar_task image doesn't work


im trying to deploy an app with a sidecar proxy pulled from private registry. I found out that there is a way to configure sidecar_task in config stanza to point to specific docker image.

connect {
        sidecar_service {}
        sidecar_task {
        config {
           image = "..../envoy"

After this configuration nomad was still trying to pull the image of that envoy from the default registry. Then i found there is an another option to set client meta stanza on client agents to define default connect.sidecar.image:

client {
  meta {
    "connect.sidecar_image" = "xxxxxxx/library/envoy"
    "connect.gateway_image" = "xxxxxxxx/library/envoy"

But even after this change, nomad was still trying to pull that envoy image from the public default docker registry, which is blocked in corp. network.

Is there any solution for this strange behavior?

Thank you

It was my fault, both options works as expected. I just didn’t know about the fact, that placeholder pause_amd container is being pulled in a situation where bridge network between tasks is configured. So our strict network settings was blocking this connection, not an envoy image. This was easily solved by configuring infra_image option on client agents.