Error configuring resource vault database secret backend role

Guys, I have a problem creating a creation_statements for the couchbase, I tried the following:
reaction_statements = [{“roles”:[{“role”:“admin”}],“groups”:[“app-user-group”]} ]
but i get the error

Error: Incorrect attribute value type
on line 53, in resource “vault_database_secret_backend_role” “role_core_cb”:
53: creation_statements = [{“roles”:[{“role”:“admin”}],“groups”:[“app-user-group”]} ]
Inappropriate value for attribute “creation_statements”: element 0: string required.

Can someone help me ?

It was resolved as follows

creation_statements = [“{"roles":[{"role":"admin"}],"groups":["app-user-group"]}”]

Captura de tela de 2023-03-27 16-01-09