Error: Context deadline in user creation

Hello everyone!

I’m getting an error when it needs create and user:

Error: Error creating account: error performing client request during Create call: context deadline exceeded
│   with boundary_account.devops_user_acct["custom_useraccount"],
│   on line 71, in resource "boundary_account" "devops_user_acct":
│   71: resource "boundary_account" "devops_user_acct" {

In controller logs:

Aug 20 08:51:43 boundary-dev-01 boundary[9355]: 2021-08-20T08:51:43.165Z [ERROR] controller: internal error returned: error=“accounts.(Service).createInRepo: accounts.(Service).createPwInRepo: password.(Repository).CreateAccount: ampw_6BAjHsf61K: db.DoTx: password.(Repository).CreateAccount: db.Create: db.addOplog: unable to write oplog entry: oplog.(Entry).WriteEntryWith: oplog.(GormTicketer).Redeem: error trying to redeem ticket: unknown: error #0: sql: transaction has already been committed or rolled back”

This is my terraform code

I thought this is the size of my DB on AWS, I change into a big one, and it happens the same thing.

Please any thoguth that I’m doing wrong?


Good morning! “context deadline exceeded” are a bit tricky to figure out, since it might simply because by network jitter/latency.

I tried your terraform config locally with no issues.

FYI, the controller log error seems to be the result of the terraform request being cancelled by the context deadline timing out and a rollback being issued during the transaction before the oplog could be written.

@jimlambrt BUt if the timing is closing the connection, could I pass to terraform any kind of timing to the client?

I know, in the background runs a go library for it.

The DB is on Frankurt AWS, but this seems a factor to ensure the failure?