Error creating SSM parameter - minimum field size of 1, PutParameterInput.Tags[].Value

I am getting number of similar errors on creation. There is a value in the data source “/lower_parameters/github/runners_app_id”

│ Error: error creating SSM parameter (/actions_runner/tst/github_app_id): InvalidParameter: 1 validation error(s) found.
│ - minimum field size of 1, PutParameterInput.Tags[0].Value.

│ with module.github_runners.module.ssm.aws_ssm_parameter.github_app_id,
│ on /Users/someuser/sourcecode/tf-mod-github-runners/modules/ssm/ line 1, in resource “aws_ssm_parameter” “github_app_id”:
│ 1: resource “aws_ssm_parameter” “github_app_id” {

Any ideas how to solve or debug? Some of these are getting values from parameter store

data “aws_ssm_parameter” “runners_app_id” {
name = “/lower_parameters/github/runners_app_id”

runners_app_id = (
var.runners_app_id != “” ? (
var.runners_app_id) : data.aws_ssm_parameter.runners_app_id.value)

Terraform v1.1.9
on darwin_arm64

Leo, please check your tags:

  • either explicitly added to the SSM resource, or
  • default/common tags on your AWS provider.

My bet is that one of the tags is empty string.

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That was it. Thanks!