Error: Failed to install databricks provider

Trying to deploy databricks resource into azure using terraform when i am trying to initialize getting below error.

C:\Temp\Terraform\Test>terraform init

Initializing the backend...

Initializing provider plugins...
- Finding databrickslabs/databricks versions matching "0.3.7"...
- Reusing previous version of hashicorp/azurerm from the dependency lock file
- Using previously-installed hashicorp/azurerm v2.73.0
- Installing databrickslabs/databricks v0.3.7...
│ Error: Failed to install provider
│ Error while installing databrickslabs/databricks v0.3.7: archive has incorrect checksum
│ zh:298e63588879abf0dd4c8b5610312ac0644c806d2bda102ee3bcfb7f7eaa13a5 (expected
│ zh:fd2b875e9949371a0fb33c98565d352806ef8b448c8f0198acdae2e541712d5f)

C:\Temp\Terraform\Test>terraform -version
Terraform v1.0.5
on windows_amd64
+ provider v2.73.0

Hi @Saikishore031,

Unfortunately it seems like the distribution archive for this provider got corrupted when Terraform tried to download it.

I verified that the registry entry for this provider package seems correct, like this:

$ wget
$ cat terraform-provider-databricks_0.3.7_SHA256SUMS 
$ wget
--2021-08-26 18:16:10--
$ sha256sum *.zip

(I’m afraid I’m using a Linux system rather than a Windows system, so the commands I wrote above are what I ran on Linux, but hopefully you can find some equivalent steps to run to get the same result on your Windows system.)

The provider author’s checksums file says that the package checksum for the windows_amd64 package should be fd2b875e9949371a0fb33c98565d352806ef8b448c8f0198acdae2e541712d5f, which is the same checksum included in your error message. When I downloaded the file and calculated the checksum myself, I also got the same result.

Given this, unfortunately I have to assume that there’s something affecting your network connection to GitHub’s download server, which is somehow intercepting the download request and producing a corrupted result, which Terraform then correctly detects and returns this error. Are you using Terraform on a network that has any special firewall or proxy software that could be interfering with Terraform’s connection to download this plugin?

@apparentlymart @Saikishore031 i think there might be a proxy in between this user and github, as v0.3.7 has 220k+ downloads: GREV