Error: invalid request. request attempted to make second resource with the same field valud must be unique

Hi guys,

on boundary 0.6.2
When trying to cancel some active sessions it deiliever this error.
when going on status of controller it says:

tried to restarted controllers and workers. the session are still able to connect but cannot cancel more of them

I saw there was some topics regarding a bung in older versions. is it something with this latest 0.6.2 ?

from worker service log:
Nov 10 10:01:13 ip-10-0-30-49 boundary[435]: 2021-11-10T10:01:13.014Z [ERROR] worker: error making status request to controller: error=“rpc error: code = Internal desc = Error closing dead conns for worker demo-worker-2: session.(Repository).CloseDeadConnectionsForWorker: db.DoTx: session.(Repository).CloseDeadConnectionsForWorker: db.Exec: duplicate key value violates unique constraint “session_state_session_id_end_time_key”: unique constraint violation: integrity violation: error #1002

We are currently working on fixing some on-going session state issues. I believe the problem you’re reporting is included in this work.

Now I see that connection is available using loopback and the port is open for example on RDP session but after passing creds, I get that ‘can’t connect to remote computer’

tried to reboot worker+controller that is connected to but the same problem with db. duplicate key value and cant cancel all sessions

what I can do to overcome it?

What’s your target configuration? I believe RDP needs at least 2 connections allowed.

Its -1 unlimited

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Anything useful in the Windows application logs in Event Viewer?