Unable to RDP to windows after entering username and pw

I am unable to connect to windows via RDP. The rdp prompt comes up I enter user and pw and the session is recognized as it shows the server name but fails to connect.
(See screenshot)

Boundary connect rdp -target-id -host-id

Note - I am able to RDP to the server if I go my regular route (using public bastion) with the same user I am passing on boundary.

This blocker is driving me insane… I can ssh fine to linux servers but having that issue above with RPD.

The boundary logs show connection established and the event logs in my target server registers successful log on and if I purposely pass bad password failed logon… So all seems good, what can possibly be happening ? In my local machine I made sure firewall was off

What’s your connection count set to? RDP makes multiple connections, I think it needs to be 2 in order to work (or maybe higher).

Yes that worked. Thank you.