RDP to Windows server not connecting

Testing the RDP connection to a windows server and the following happens:

  1. Any attempt to use a bad account and password results in bad user name or password.
  2. Using a good password and username results in an attempt to connect but fails with generic RDP connection error.

I have Wiresharked the network connection but the TLS session does not allow me to see what happens before the client sends a RST. What can I provide to assist with debugging this? Thanks.

Hi there, sorry you’re having trouble! Can you provide us with the host and target configuration, and the command you’re running to connect?

Also ensure that your connection limit in the target is higher than one…I believe it requires two with the official client.

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I switched the Session Connection Limit to 2 and it works. I guess that this will all eventually be documented to reduce these sorts of questions.

On this subject, is it possible to connect more than one port to a target in the same Target? To really accommodate some advanced management client server tools, connecting multiple ports at the same time will be required.

EDIT: Just want to say thanks for the prompt responses.

It’s not possible now, no, sorry!